Friday, May 24, 2013

Response to a UK soldier being hacked to death on a London Street

This is the real reason why I quit England and came to live in Thailand ten years ago: It makes no difference which political party is in power at Westminster, they only care about human rights for immigrants and little about the rights of true English people:

From Wednesday just gone came this utterly shocking story: British soldier hacked to death in suspected Islamist attack

Then yesterday came this not-at-all surprising story: Woolwich: EDL Protests As Mosques Targeted

I suspect there's a lot more of that to come - if you read the comments below the second story, you'll see clearly what I already know but which UK politicians constantly ignore: that true English people are totally sick and tired of the endless uncontrolled immigration into England, and the fact that non-English people get treated much better than English people.

To cap it all off, if you are a true English white person like me and you talk in public in England in such a way as to vociferously criticise this whole immigration/Islam issue, you can actually get into trouble with the law for being racist and/or inciting racial hatred! And yet if non-English people talk in public in a similar way, criticising England and English people in truly hateful ways, nothing is done to them! Seriously, what do "the powers that be" think is going to happen in the end? How stupid are they?

Very stupid, clearly. In 1968 a great English man and a very conscientious politician (probably the last one of those ever!), Enoch Powell, made a very famous speech about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration (click on those two previous links and read what's there if you care about the truth, by the way).

The speech caused great controversy at the time (to put it mildly), but it has since turned out to be so prophetic that it seems dear old Enoch must have borrowed Dr. Who's "Tardis" and taken a peek into his then future (our present).

It would be most wise for those in power in England to, at long, long last, pay urgent attention to what Mr. Powell said all those years ago, and to what almost every single English person is saying today, namely: Stop the uncontrolled immigration into England!!! And get rid of the ridiculous Human Rights Act which only favors those who do not deserve human rights!!!

Failure to do so will, I am afraid, and as Enoch so eloquently and accurately put it, lead to "the River Tiber foaming with much blood."

God Save the Queen!

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