Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dan Dare returns!

It appears to be true then, going by all the news appearing on the web (e.g. The Times Online, August 29, 2007) - Dan Dare is finally set to return in new comic-strip adventures for the first time in a great many years! Hoorah!! Dan Dare is my favourite of favourites.

Apparently, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Comics company is to publish a new Dan Dare comic-book starting this November. I hope it sticks as closely as possible to the spirit of Frank Hampson's original 1950 creation rather than re-invents the character as other newer versions have done. It seems very likely it will be of a high standard anyway, what with Sir Richard having been a boyhood fan of the original Dan Dare, and with renowned comic-book author Garth Ennis writing the new series. Happy days indeed for this Dan Dare fan, that's for sure!

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