Saturday, December 03, 2011

I now own a Samsung Galaxy S2, and it's awesome!

I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone last month with a 32GB memory card in it, giving 48GB of total memory, for around £375. I bought it from the Samsung shop in Central Festival Center in Pattaya. It is the best gadget/smartphone/pocket PC/piece of technology that I have ever owned, it really is perfect in every way!

I previously had a Nokia N97 for 2 years, which is by far the worst piece of technology I have ever owned, utter garbage, the complete opposite of the Galaxy s II (see my blog about that here: The Nokia N97 - it's rubbish really).

It was so bad all of the time that I swear I will never buy another Nokia product ever again, no matter what they make in future. Nokia - YOU SUCK!! What a rip-off of over £400 the damned thing was! It cost too much money for me to be able to change it until last month, but now I wish I'd bought an Android phone instead of the N97. Oh well, you live and learn!

If you're looking to get a new smartphone any time soon, go and get a Galaxy S II right now - nothing else, not even the latest iPhone, comes close to being as good for doing everything you want. The Galaxy S II is the best all-in-one mobile phone, pocket PC, mobile web browser, social network manager, HD photo and video camera, portable media player and pocket games console that there is!