Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas.....

.....and a Happy New Year!! I'll be back to blogging here in a week or so. In the meantime, why not take a look at my other posts in this blog - there's bound to be lots more stuff of interest to you. And don't forget to check out my group of free fun and games sites, such as the Mario and Sonic games site, the Disney and Pixar games site and the Shrek and DreamWorks games site. All the sites also feature large collections of wallpaper pictures and other great freebies in addition to all the free games. Have fun!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Possible future Dan Dare comics

Following the completion of the 7-part Dan Dare series that was produced by Virgin Comics from November 2007 to July this year, and the subsequent demise of Virgin Comics in September, it seemed unlikely that there would be any further new Dan Dare adventures for the forseeable future.

However, as reported by yesterday, it seems that there will be more to come from the veteran spaceman in the near future:

Dan Dare will fly again.

Virgin Comics acquired the rights to produce a new Dan Dare comic last year, written by Garth Ennis. When the company dissolved earlier this year, the possibility of new Dan Dare in comics seemed remote at best. Dynamite Entertainment announced that it will collect the issues of the Virgin Comics series in February, and until now has remained mum on the possibility of future projects. The publisher has confirmed for Newsarama that they have landed the rights to publish future comics projects starring Dan Dare.

"I am delighted to be working with Nicky [Barrucci, Dynamite President] and his team, on the collection of one of my favorite series in years, and very happy indeed that Dan Dare has found a great home in Dynamite,” Ennis said.

Barrucci said that Ennis championed Dynamite to Colin Frewin, the CWO of the Dan Dare Company, which allowed the publisher to get its foot in the door with the company, and ultimately come to terms on the agreement.

Frewin: “It is exciting news that Dan Dare is joining Dynamite Entertainment alongside fellow classis strips like Battlestar Galactica and Lone Ranger. Dynamite is exactly what Dan Dare needs for global distribution.”

Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt commented: “Each and every month, I’d hit my local comics shop and pick up the new issue of Dan Dare -- this is Garth firing passionately on all cylinders and to be a part of “rescuing” this work and presenting it in a new form is a great thing for me and all the fans like me...”

The upcoming collection of the Dan Dare series that was originally published by Virgin will contain all seven issues of that series (corrected for the new publication), and a cover gallery. No publication date for new Dan Dare was given.
(End quote)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Watch free Pixar mini-cartoons and movie trailers

Just click on the links below, and off you go..... enjoy!

Watch a collection of Pixar's "WALL-E" mini-cartoons
(also sometimes known as "WALL-E meets..." cartoons, as in "WALL-E meets a camera", "WALL-E meets a vacuum cleaner", etc.)

Watch a collection of Pixar and other CG movie trailers

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thailand Travel Advice for December 2nd, 2008

My advice to you if you are planning a trip to Thailand any time soon is plain and simple: Don't come here at the moment, wait until the current political crisis is over. If you do come here now you might not be able to get back home again on the date you planned.

If you are already here and are stuck because of the anti-government protesters' despicable blockading of Bangkok's two airports, then you have my deepest sympathies. Unbelievably in this day and age, there aren't many alternative ways out of Thailand that are anything like convenient from Bangkok. Not surprisingly, the current main escape route, Pattaya's U-Tapao "airport" (about 150km south-east of Bangkok), is now completely overrun and will be a nightmare to get to and use.

Another way to escape from Thailand, at least for December 2nd anyway, might be to get a taxi to Hua Hin (about 200km south-west of Bangkok, around 2,000 Baht taxi fare), then fly from there to Koh Samui, and from Samui to either Singapore or Hong Kong - you should be able to get to your home country easily enough from either of them.

See the Bangkok Airways website HERE for more information about the Hua Hin to Samui flights available on December 2nd. I hope that helps!