Monday, July 31, 2006

Sold my house at long last!

Finally! I have managed to sell my house in England! It has taken over 8 months to sell it because in England people can pull out of buying a house right at the very last minute, believe it or not. How stupid. In my opinion, once a sale is agreed it should be legally binding. That is the case in Scotland, so why isn't it here? Anyway, it is all done and dusted now, and I have to vacate my house on Friday. After that I shall be traveling around a lot on business before finally heading back to Thailand for a while. So this is my last post here for perhaps a month. Cheers for now!

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Unknown said...

It might be a little harder for buyers to back out if they’re made to pay a deposit or down-payment on the house once they sign a contract on the sale. I think 8 months is actually not a time period though, since it takes others more than a year to sell their house. How were your travels? I hope you enjoyed them!

~ Ofelia Bertrand ~