Monday, April 28, 2008

Concerning the quality of free online games...

This may sound a bit ungrateful of me, given that the games are all free to play, but I have noticed a growing tendency amongst many of the free online game websites to put every single game that is available on the web into their sites, regardless of the quality and reliability of the games concerned. Indeed, a great many of these games are of poor quality with bugs that cause major problems when playing the games, often including "logic traps" and other "fatal errors" that stop the games all together. Oops!

It seems that the chief motivation for this approach is simply to rapidly increase the number of games the sites concerned have in their inventories, so that they can boast things like "we have a collection of 2,500+ games". In my opinion this is a rather silly approach, because surely when someone plays any of the "buggy" games that don't work properly, they will get frustrated and annoyed. Surely that defeats the whole point of playing the games, and visiting the sites, in the first place? Oh dear...

Because I have always valued quality over quantity(!), my group of online game sites currently feature a more modest total of around 750 carefully selected high quality games. I have personally fully tested each of them to ensure there are no bugs and that they all work properly. So you can rest assured, you will find no frustrating and annoying problems with any of the games in my sites! To add to the fun, there are also many galleries of images, animated GIFs, music samples, movie clips, desktop wallpaper pictures and more, related to many of the games in my sites...

You can visit my sites (and check the quality of everything for yourself) by using these links:

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Online Amusement Arcade #3

Online Amusement Arcade #4

100+ Mario and Sonic Games

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