Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kind people and an extremely worthy cause to support

I shall make the assumption that you have a kind and caring heart. I feel quite safe in making this assumption because I have found that the vast majority of people do have kind and caring hearts, despite what is often portrayed in the popular media about an increasingly mean society - that's just negative spin to sell more papers! (And you know which paper I'm talking about in particular if you've ever read the Daily Mail! Oh dear. Each to their own, I suppose.)

Anyway, on the basis that you are indeed a kind and caring person, please can you spare 5 minutes or so to visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website here and read up on who they are and what they do - you will, I promise, find it well worth the small effort. Then, please make a donation of any amount you can afford via their very secure web server - no matter how big or small your donation, it is vitally important because it is our donations alone that enable Macmillan Cancer Support to do the wonderful work that they do.

Thank you.

I was reminded of this truly worthy cause by a very kind and helpful person named Phil Payne - cheers Phil! If you are a website owner and you have any problems with your site in terms of search engine rankings, Phil is one of the best people to speak to about it. Visit his site here, or look him up in the Google Webmaster Help Group here.

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