Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A bit of an eco-rant!

I don't normally (if ever) get political in this blog, but perhaps I should make it a regular feature. After all, politics is one of my favourite subjects, at least in so far as I'm interested in issues like: why do the citizens of the UK and the US seem to believe they live in free democracies when clearly they do not? (fraudulent presidential elections, tricked-and-lied-to electorates, lobbied-and-paid-off politicians, unelected prime ministers, CCTVs everywhere even in school toilets, etc., etc.), and why do people everywhere seem to think that just saying they are green and that they care about the environment is the same thing as actually being and doing those things in truly meaningful ways? You get my drift, I think...

Anyway, this article just caught my attention in Yahoo: Nature's Budget Has Run Out For This Year. Take a look at it and have a good read of it, hopefully you'll find that it makes sense just as I much as I do, and hopefully you'll also know that there isn't a darned thing can be done about it..... except try and live your life by consuming and wasting as little as you possibly can! Every day, all year, every year! Simple really.

I mean, it's really simple. Stop buying things you don't need (this week's fashionable clothes items and/or accessories, the newest must-have techno toys, tiny-bit-better mobile phones, trinkets, baubles, bangles, pretty shiny things, any other kinds of useless junk), and stop eating and drinking junk packaged in tons of plastic too. You, me (I do it all already), everyone can save the planet that way. Don't wait for everyone else to do it first before you do it, start for yourself and be a trend-setting go-getting green planet-saver!

Oh, and if you can, please try not to fall into the "it's okay, I recycle" trap. Really, think about it. Isn't that a lot like not really caring what you're doing? You may recycle, but are you sure what you send for recycling actually gets recycled, and if so in environmentally sound ways? And even then, wouldn't it just be a whole lot better to stop using up so much stuff in the first place, and save all the effort of making the junk and then recycling it later. Less is more: less junk used and discarded is more resources saved = planet saved, surely.

Here is another tale of ecological woe in today's news, as if more were needed really: Methane Escaping From Arctic Sea Bed.

A final thought from me on all this for now: It seems to me that the vast majority of adults in the world are parents (of children, obviously), so how is it that the world is getting into such a huge environmental mess? Surely even the big bosses of the businesses that are helping to create the big mess (i.e. all consumerism-related businesses, i.e. most businesses), with their neverending drives for more profits from more sales from more advertising from more production, are parents too in most cases? How then are they, and every other parent, going to explain to future generations what it is that is going on right now? Don't they care, these parent types? They seriously should, don't you think?! ;-)

(Oh, and by the way, I've no children and don't want any, I don't own and don't drive a car because I use public transport and my legs instead, I don't buy endless consumer items either on credit or for cash, I replace things only when they are truly worn out and broken, I don't buy more food than I can eat, I buy virtually no pre-packaged food, I live in small but comfortable shared accommodation, and consequently from all that I have a really low eco-footprint plus low living costs and not many worries, just in case you are wondering. I have no glass houses so I can throw stones! Truth be told, I don't really need to care what everyone else does to the planet, given that I choose not to be a parent. Except I do care. Very much.)

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