Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pac-Man, plus Mario Pac-Man and Sonic Pac-Man

Pac-Man (which is much more commonly written as Pacman, despite the fact that it's technically incorrect that way) was one of the first ever colour video games - it made its debut in video arcades almost exactly 30 years ago, way back in May 1980.

It was the first ever video game to become truly popular in global mainstream culture, to the extent that the Pac-Man character became an instantly recognizable icon during the 1980s. It is a true gaming classic, and is still very popular today - indeed, its simple, fun and addictive gameplay puts many modern 3D "mega-games" to shame.

There are some brilliant Flash online versions of the Pac-Man game in the MarioSonicGames.com site for you to try if you would like to experience the legend for yourself - two versions with a Super Mario Bros. theme and one with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme. There is also a superb reproduction of the classic original, plus an awesome Disney/Pixar "UP" 3D isometric version too:

  Classic Original Pacman

  Super Mario Bros. Pacman

  Baby Luigi Pacman

  Sonic Knuckles Pacman

  UP: Kevin's Chocogobble Pacman

Interesting trivia: Pac-Man was actually originally called "Puck Man", but the name was changed in North America in case any mischievous people vandalized the video game cabinets replacing the "P" with an "F". Read it here if you don't believe it: Pac-Man Wikipedia article

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