Monday, January 07, 2008

More online goodies from Virgin Comics

I took a much more in-depth look around the Virgin Comics website today, and I was amazed to discover the brilliant range of comics that they are producing - I'm an instant fan of the brand! And it feels like Christmas all over again, because it turns out that two more of their titles are available as online digital comics in addition to the lovely new Dan Dare comic I highlighted in my blog post yesterday.

They are both brilliant, and they are "Voodoo Child" by Nicolas Cage and his son Weston, and "Devi" by Shekhar Kapur.

Check them out now - I feel sure you will be as impressed with them both as I am. Seriously well done Virgin Comics! :-) Acquiring the real "hard copy" comics to read in their true format will be a leisure-time priority for me on my next trip back to the UK.


Unknown said...

hi I'm a fan of dan dare circa 1950's and am after a hi-res scan of anastasia the space ship
can you help..

Danny Dare said...

Hi Sarchi. You could try looking on eBay, as Hawk Books produced a poster of Anastasia in the mid-90s to go with their Dan Dare reprint books series - it was a reprint of an excellent old Eagle comic centre-spread cutaway drawing of the spaceship. It may turn up on eBay from time to time.