Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My new MarioSonicGames.com blog

I have decided that too much of this blog is now being taken up with Mario and Sonic related posts. Since I have recently created a new Mario and Sonic games site, www.MarioSonicGames.com, I thought it would be much better if I created a blog specifically for that site into which I can put all future Mario and Sonic posts. So, here it is... the brand new MarioSonicGames.com Blog

From now on if I post anything in this blog relating to Mario and Sonic, it will only be a headline entry with a link to the related full article over in the other blog, to keep the content of each one more focussed. As a result, hopefully this blog can return to a more varied view of "England, Thailand and Other Things", as was my original intention.

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