Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

And happy Songkran (which is the traditional Thai New Year) for tomorrow!! :-)

I hope the Thai anti-government protesters take time out from their ongoing demonstrations for the holiday - unfortunately, there is now some very serious trouble in Bangkok following on from yesterday's ructions in Pattaya.

It's very sad to see ordinarily very placid Thai people getting so angry and behaving in this way, but I always say that when so many people get as incredibly agitated about something as this, the powers that be really ought to listen to them and try to find a peaceful solution for the benefit of all sides.

Back in England, I see that the very admirable Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has spoken out against there being two Premier League football matches today, saying that Easter Sunday should be kept as an equally special day as Christmas Day. I have to say that I totally agree with him, and you can read all about his most excellent outburst in this article in Yahoo!

Anyway, on a much lighter (but still reverential) note, if you get bored over the holiday period you can always play hundreds of great free online games at, and all the other free game sites linked to from within those two. Plus there's always tons of interesting stuff to read over on my blog. I feel sure that none of these activities contradicts the spirit of either Easter or Songkran! :-)

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