Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The many different web places of Peter Inns

I have many different "homes" on the web, mainly because I've spent quite a bit of my spare time messing around with it since the late 1990's. Here are a few of the least bad places I've left a mark of some sort over the years:

I have two other active blogs here:
Mario and Sonic Games News
My WordPress Blog

I have a number of free fun and games websites, and they are:
Online Amusement Arcade
Disney and Pixar Online Games
Shrek and Other CG Movie Online Games
Mario and Sonic Flash and Java Games
  (Mario and Sonic Games - 1st "sister" site)
  (Mario and Sonic Games - 2nd "sister" site)

Closely related to those, here are my Dan Dare websites:
An Introduction to Dan Dare
Interactive Dan Dare
Meet The Mekon

My various Home Pages are:
Peter Inns - Old Home Page
Peter Inns - New Home Page
Peter Inns - MySpace
Peter Inns - Facebook
Peter Inns - Twitter
Peter Inns - Yahoo! Profile
Peter Inns - AboutUs Profile
Peter Inns - Google Profile
Peter Inns - Newgrounds Profile
eBay About Me Page

And finally, my YouTube Channels are:
The Pixar and Sci-Fi Channel
The Pixar Passion Channel

(See also here and here)

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